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Transportes Centrais

Based in Guimarães, the company Transportes Centrais São Torcato started its activity in 1968, providing road transportation, storage and logistics services in the Iberian Peninsula.

Operating for nearly a half century, the company counts on an experienced and very dedicated team, ensuring a prompt answer to the clients’ requirements.

In recent years, the company has been prioritising the internal processes optimisation, resulting in a continuous improvement of its value proposal. This optimisation involves mainly a better use of the whole company’s human resources potential, as well as the introduction of modern technologies in the management and information systems.

Why are we the perfect business partner for you?

Quality / Price pairing

The strict cost-control allows us to offer competitive prices, ensuring excellent service, rigorously meeting deadlines.

The information you need

We invest in modern technologies, making the tracking of deliveries simple and intuitive, making it possible for our clients to access any information at all times.


We follow up the regional industry, namely textile, footwear, metal and cutlery sectors. We know these sectors’ needs well and follow up their evolution in order to provide them tailored services.

Wide storage space

We have 8 thousand square meters for storage and logistics at our disposal.

Total commitment – From people to people

We rely on the most modern technologies, seeking proximity and flexibility to answer to the specific characteristics of each client and each situation.

Career / Recruitment

There are no ongoing recruitments.

However, we are always looking for professionals who may add some value to our team and our clients. If you think you are in this position, send us your application pointing out the intended job, experience and the reasons for applying.

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Social responsibility

In addition to the material values that are trusted upon us on a daily basis, we are committed to mobilise essential goods that matter to all of us as people.

We believe we can change the world through the positive energy coming from the diverse systems that are part of the sharing of emotions, knowledge, relationships and minds, inspiring us every day.

We give a small, yet great contribution to a better world by supporting:

  • Projects that help young people prepare for the challenges of the real world.
  • Animal-support projects, promoting a more inclusive and more fair society.
  • Art promotion projects, trying to make it accessible to all.
  • Sports projects for its transforming capacity and its importance in the mind-body balance.

We invite all who share our way of life and worldview to participate in our mission.

You may also send us challenging suggestions and/or let us know about projects that fit in any of the topics mentioned and that we can support in any way.

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